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Masterlist of LGBTQIA+ Books

If you’re here, you’re looking for recommendations for LGBTQIA+ books and you are in the right place! This website aims to provide a comprehensive list of as many LGBTQIA+ fiction books that I could find, along with their genre tags, age ratings and the representation each book contains.


This website does not hold every single LGBTQIA+ book available, nor any links to sell any of these books. This website is for informational purposes only.

Feeling generous and want to show some appreciation toward the work that goes into creating this masterlist? Donate some money by filling out our handy form on the side!

Any and all donations are very much appreciated and go a long way to ensure that this website stays running!

Have any recommendations that are not on the list? Email me here with the book title, author, age range and representation the book contains!

You can also use this form to suggest improvements that could be made to this website!

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